Thursday, March 12, 2009

A little of this and a little of that

In honor of President's Day, or more truthfully to celebrate Jenna and Chase being in town, we decided to do a family snowmachining day. We took Rhett, Bree, Jenna, Chase, Quinn, and Mitch to the sand dunes. Look how adorable Bree looks in her little beanie!!

She was so happy to be involved.
Until we got outside. Then she went comatose on us. She just curled up on Jenna's shoulder and went to sleep. It was her nap time, and she slept on and off, but even when she was awake she didn't make a peep for the entire 3 hours we were sledding.
She pulled the coma on us once before... The first time we took her swimming at Green Canyon. As soon as she hit the water, she curled up on my shoulder and wouldn't lift her head or smile or cry or anything for about a half an hour. Finally she decided she wanted to try one of the floaty devices we had and splashed around and jumped into the pool and had fun for the second half. If I wouldn't have had this first coma experience to look back on, I probably would have thought she went into hypothermic shock and spent the whole time in the car with her.

And here's the happy fam. Rhett had a blast! He was all over the place. He loved riding the snowmobile and getting off and sledding down the hill with me. He even went down a couple by himself!! Which I was grateful for, because the last time he went sledding down a hill by himself he somehow ran into cement (I don't know I wasn't there, if I was I'm sure it wouldn't have happened - Heath and Mitch). He still has a slight scar on his face from it. The kid was tireless and it made me so happy to watch him have so much fun. I also REALLY appreciated Jenna sitting on the snow or sled or whatever pretty much the whole time holding Bree for me. Sometimes I really don't think I'm cut out for this mommy job. I have a hard time standing back with the little kids instead of being out there in the middle of the fun. I'm pretty sure when we go to Lagoon and stuff that I'll make Heath sit out on the rollercoaster rides with the baby while I get my thrills. Otherwise our marriage just might not work. HA HA Just kidding. But he would have to sleep on the couch for a couple nights...

The pictures aren't real high quality because they are taken with my phone, but I decided as long as I was downloading them to stick all the good ones in this post.

Here's Bree the day after I bought curlers!!!! She pulled a "no doing my hair" strike on me and would pull everything out as soon as I put it in, over and over and over, until I gave up. One of my ideas was to just curl it and let it be, but lo and behold... She likes curlers and always lets me do her hair after having them in... go figure...

Here's her hair during the hair strike. Very boy like. But check out the cute little mittens!

"MOM, stop taking pictures of me!!"

For some reason she loves putting my boots on even though they are as tall as her legs and she really can't walk in them at all.

Funny girl.

On to the Rhett-ster. We got to tour the Fire Station for our playgroup. Rhett was in heaven, he was so interested in everything. They let them walk through the ambulance and sit in the firetrucks. The kids loved it!

Rhett got scared to get down from the fire truck. He was creating quite the pile up and he wouldn't move until Mike, our Chief of Emergency Services, and family friend (aka the guy we go to whenever Rhett gets hurt to see if we need to take him to the hospital...Lindsay - you remember him, right?) helped him down.

The whole group. That was pretty nice of our local emergency workers to let this many kids, mostly under age three, invade their place of business. They were all so excited, it totally made their day. Give a shout to firefighters/EMT's!

And that is the conclusion of the pictures off of Trish's phone.


Rachel said...

Yay, those are some awesome pictures! I love the cute curler hair!! I wonder what Jenna would look like with curly hair.. hmmmm...... p.s. I'm sooo very relieved that there was no mention of any poop in this post! Ha ha!!!

Jenna & Chase said...

haha that was so funny how Bree was acting that day- maybe she just gets really shocked when she experiences something new for the first time! And don't worry I LOVED holding cuddling/peaceful bree that whole time- gotta get them when I can!
p.s. your kids will definetely appreciate your adventurous side, I can just see you being the "cool aunt" that all my kids wish I would be like! lol

Lindsay said...

What a fun day! I was wishing we had the sand dunes when we were looking for a sledding hill this winter. Ooo so many cute things. I think the highlight was the curlers. She is such a cutie.And yes, I do remember, and am still thankful for your sweet neighbor. My eye still has a perma goose egg did you know?