Sunday, November 30, 2008

Pilgrims and Indians

To kick off the Thanksgiving fun we went to a playgroup and made little Indian outfits. Rhett's was ripped to shreds by the end of the day, but at least I got some cute pictures of it.

I love that Rhett's so cheesy for the pictures. Of course he didn't actually eat Thanksgiving dinner, but he did go out and ride the horses (he can ride all by himself, with Heath walking alongside) and the four wheelers, (he actually drives himself... just kidding).. And after dinner we had races.

At first we just made the kids run, but then Heath, Alan, Dari and I decided to race. Who won? Well, technically it was Alan, but his legs are twice as long as mine so really I'm much faster than him and if Heath wasn't pushing me back, I probably could have done better than the one second I lost by. So if we really have to name a winner I'd have to go with me....Then I saw cat poop on the ground and quit racing, because I really wasn't wearing the shoes for it, so I was going barefoot and the bragging rights suddenly just weren't worth it. But I'll brag anyway. I'm just dang fast...

Later that day we went to my parents house and played a game... Would you rather? Wow. My family gets so competitive. Most the time it's funny, but sometimes it just ends in a fight. This one was bordering. It asked questions like, "Would you rather sleep every night in jeans and shoes or in a motorcycle helmet?" Motorcycle helmet right?? I was outvoted on that one.. "Would you rather have a bottle cap stuck on the tip of your tongue for a week or a bean shoved up one nostril?" That one was close but the majority went with bottlecap, which seemed like the best answer to me. The one that almost pushed us over the edge was "Would you rather have your wife disappointed in you for something you really did or your child disappointed in you for three years over something you didn't really do?" We were still debating it forever after the game was over...So I want to know, what would you choose?? Think it over, ask your spouse what he or she would choose... you might be surprised!!Remember to report back to me and tell me what you came up with!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween Fun

We bought our pumpkins 2 days before Halloween. Rhett was so excited, he wanted to sleep with his pumpkin, eat with it by his bowl or plate, and play with it. When we started to carve it - only the day before Halloween - Rhett cried out, "Daddy, don't hurt the pumpkin!!"

I asked Rhett if he wanted triangles or circles for eyes and he said, "Stars!" So his had star eyes and Bree's had heart eyes. He was so proud of that pumpkin, it was so funny!

The pumpkins' final resting place was (is -I still need to get rid of them) by the scarecrow. This was right before we left for the library. Rhett is a cowboy riding a horse. He named the horse Nerf, which is the name of the horse that he rides at his Grandpa Edwards' house. Bree was a unicorn, but she kept taking her little hood off. She looked hilarious crawling around with those huge wings on the back.
I tried to get a Devil costume for Heath and an angel for me, but Heath doesn't think he looked like a real Devil..

I did what I could..

Heath and I took turns taking Rhett around the block, but it turns out that he thought it was WAY more fun handing candy out to the kids who knocked on our door. Go figure...