Monday, April 6, 2009

Fooled ya'

So I had no idea Heath loved April Fools day SO MUCH!! For some reason I have no recollection of him being so giddy our previous 5 years of marriage. He was so funny though! He pranked pretty much everyone at work seperately then came home and told me about it. He begged me to make a phone call to the Weed Man Boise office, because they had gotten him. It took me ten minutes to talk myself into it and come up with a whole story in my head and I ruined it with the first 4 words out of my mouth... What happened to me? I cannot tell a lie! It's a mommy gene or something.. Then he went and stole my dad's truck and parked it in our garage. He called his mom and sister and told them I was pregnant with twins. He told his dad that his brother had gotten mad at his boss and quit his job. We went to grab some pizza and he also took home 4 empty pizza boxes to take his workers that night. While we were at Little Ceasar's he saw an old employee and talked him into wearing a mask and bringing a fake gun and trying to "rob" the sales room that night. I'm telling you - he was absolutely giddy all day! So weird. While he was gone I googled April Fools pranks, because I thought that someone needed to really get him. I kind of have that attitude a lot.. so and so needs to be brought down, so I'm the one that is going to do it. I found a couple funny ones, but then I imagined April Fools day for the rest of my life, salt on my toothbrush in the morning, getting sprayed by the water faucet thingie after I'm dressed, weird toilet tricks.. FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. I decided we should leave things at the unofficial truce we seem to have between ourselves on April Fools day. Go get them honey!