Monday, May 12, 2008

First Post

Here's our first "post" I guess, whatever that means, I'm still getting the hang of this. I guess I just tell the latest news and update this part a lot right? Hmm.. Well right now we are working on plans to build a house. Nothing too fancy, just a bigger home, with an unfinished basement so we have room to grow. It seems to be cheaper to build than buy right now, and we figured might as well move while the interest rates are still low! So I'm trying to really organize and clean the house, (something I should of done almost three years ago when we moved in)so we can sell it or rent it, or whatever we are going to do, which is also something we have to figure out. Heath is into his "super" busy season, every season seems busy, but this time is the worst, and even more so because Idaho completely skipped spring and seems to be bouncing back and forth between winter and summer (that's spring you say? no way. snow one day and sunny 60's the next?) Fertilize my lawn - no wait, why are you out there in the snow? - why aren't you here yet? - Don't spray my lawn it's too cold - Get out here and take care of my dandelions! What's a lawn care company to do? So life is crazy right now, but what else is new? Rhett has started toddler lab and seems to enjoy it, he also is in gymnastics which he LOVES!!! Bree is so sweet and love to just sit and smile and yank all the hair right out of your head. They are such different personalities, it is so fun to have them both around, even if my life has been reduced to feed, change diaper, nap, feed, change diapers, nap, feed, change diapers, PLEASE TAKE A NAP, feed, etc....
Well that wasn't so hard, I'm sure I have rambled on enough for today, so enjoy!!