Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Rhett!!

Rhett is 3 years old - Sept.12, 2008!

We had a "train" party on Saturday to celebrate Rhett. I actually made that engine!! Even if mother-in-law did do all the frosting. I crushed the oreo's..... Rhett was so funny when the pinata broke. He grabbed all the Dots. He doesn't even like Dots. All he wanted were the suckers after that. We brought boxes that we've unpacked (the few) and let the kids color them and play "train."

Rhett opened presents and loved the bike we got him, along with all the bike riding gear his aunt and cousins got him. But who knew we would be totally upstaged by the Medical Doctor kit his friends gave him!! He likes to put his helmet on and be pushed on his bike, but for some reason he can't get the circular pedaling motion going... He plays with his doctor kit every other hour and even took it to church with him last Sunday. I have to call him Dr. Rhett or he gets mad. He takes my temperature with the shot needle and says, "much better," and looks at my ears with the reflex hammer - that I taught him, because I didn't want to him to go around hitting everyone with it to test their reflexes. Another favorite present is his train set that Grandma and Grandpa Edwards gave him. We have it set up in his room so Bree doesn't destroy it and he loves to go back their and play with it.

Bree got really into eating the cake and ice cream too!! Then Jenna got really into taking pictures. Heath and I figured she took at LEAST 60 of the 77 pictures taken at the party! But she did get these adorable shots of Bree and Rhett!

I can't believe my kids are growing up so fast!!! Happy 3rd Rhett!!

Special thanks to Jen for the pictures and Lori for all her help - and everyone else who came to the party, it was a blast!