Sunday, December 21, 2008

Our Christmas Baby- one year old!!!

Exactly one year ago Dec. 20, 2007, Bree was born! She weighed 6'13, our little Christmas angel. She now weighs almost 18 pounds. She has been pure joy to have in our lives. Bree started smiling at three weeks and laughing at four.

Exactly opposite from Rhett, she has always had quite the appetite...

Is that an apple in the bathtub???

Besides fights over toys, Rhett has loved her from day one!!! Everyday he is so excited when Bree wakes up and is usually the first one in her room to greet her. When people come to visit, he proudly introduces his sister ("This is Bee") and takes her to them so they can hold her, whether they want to or not..

No one can make Bree laugh harder than Rhett. She loves to play with him, take baths with him, and chew on all his toothbrushes.. He goes through a lot because she destroys them or loses them.

Just for fun here are some more of my favorite pictures of Bree...

I hate how I look in this picture, but it is so funny, the way she laid in my belly to make it look like this!!

She never leaves anything on, but at least I get some good pictures before she rips it off!
What can I say, she's so cute!

Every baby does it right? But does every baby look so darn adorable while doing it???

Bree can say,"Hi!"

Bree in her cute new dress. Ready to take Dad's scriptures to church.

This year has flown by, I can't believe my sweet girl is already a year old! Happy Birthday Bree!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Exploits of Rhett and Bree

"Just one more thing..."
So I was letting Rhett help me make some soup and I turned around to put some stuff in the sink and I could hear him saying, "Just one more thing," and opening up the cupboard. I turned around in time to see the "one more thing" was going to be orange and black sprinkles! This by far would have been one of his more tastier additions. He always puts stuff in when my back is turned and I usually don't notice until we eat or I try cooking whatever it is and I'm thinking, "Why is this so runny/thick/various colors..??"

"Mommy, I pee!!"

This time I was in a totally different room when I thought I heard the front door close. So I called out for Rhett - he likes to run outside when he sees someone and start talking to them - (scary)..He came into the room with his pants down and said "Mommy I pee!" At first I clapped for him and was so happy, but then I wondered what this had to do with the front door closing, so I took a look.... What??? Where does he get these ideas????I couldn't be mad because it was too funny. Can you imagine driving by and seeing this little boy peeing out his front door??The next time he did it however, I was not so kind!!!

This is Bree when I try to unload the dishwasher.

This is when I am trying to cook...

Notice her cute headband is around her neck...

When I am tring to clean....

Everytime I do her hair!!!!!

"What is this thing?? I want it out!!!"

This is Bree looking so dang cute I can't get her dressed, I have to take pictures instead...

You might ask yourselves, "How does she get anything done?" The answer is I don't......