Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I've been Tagged! Joys, Fears,etc.

1. Nap time - both kids napping at the same time!
2. Sunshine/Outdoors - which usually means the park. I love a good obedience filled, good natured trip to the park. However, they do not all happen that way.
3. Walks with my new double jogger!
4. Waterskiing
5. BBQ's
6.Sunday dinners with family
7. Hearing Rhett and Bree laughing together/at each other - last but definetely not least!

1. moths - i don't know why, but they terrify me
2. I have an irrational fear of sharks, no matter where I am at - Rigby Lake, Ririe, the swimming pool....
3. Scary movies- hate them, hate to be scared.
4. That someone will break into my house and steal one of my kids..that's probably irrational too

1. Be more organized
2. Stop letting Rhett watch so much TV
3. Think before I talk!!!
4. Dedicate more time to scripture study.. I mean time to scripture study
5. Have a happy family

1. Rental properties - we are renting our house out and it is a lot of stuff to figure out!
2. I don't really have time to be obsessed with anything right now!!!

Ok I Tag: Lindsay, Heather, Ange

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Family Fun Time

With Heath working so much at work, and on our house, we've been trying to have some fun Saturdays and Sundays! (This is the old, ugly "dining room," it will be Bree's room soon.) We've gone to the Nature Park to feed the ducks, we went

to Bear World and rode the fun rides and got to pet a pig and a deer among other animals....

We've had some fun at the park, with Rhett and Daddy playing on the playground and Mommy and Bree relaxing in the shade....
We started our 4th of July celebrations early this year. We started out by going waterskiing Wednesday night, then again Thursday night, and then doing the parade and a pool party on Friday the 4th. By the time Rhett was dragged out of the pool, we were exhausted and bagged our plans for the rodeo and opted to just go to bed instead!!!

At the parade, stuffing his pockets. Watching the floats go by. Rhett and Bree were so tired they both fell asleep on the way home.
Pool party, playing with Ruby (or Dooby) as Rhett calls her.
I think we are done "having fun" for awhile. I've got to get Young Women's Camp out of the way and work on peeling wallpaper from the house, then maybe we'll be ready for more waterskiing!!