Tuesday, February 3, 2009

and so it continues....

I was making myself the perfect omelet. I cut up a red pepper, a green pepper, some leftover ham (Real ham - not deli stuff), grated some cheese; I've never put so much effort into an omelet before. I was right to the point where I had dumped everything into the omelet and was going to start folding, when Rhett comes running up holding himself and babbling.
"Rhett - go to the bathroom right now!!"
He starts running to the bathroom and then runs back to me, yelling, "Mommy HELP ME!!" I pick him up and run to the bathroom, pulling his pants down, putting the toilet seat up, and turning on the light all at the same time - don't ask me how - something to do with mommy endorphins.. Anyway, there he is standing in front of the toilet doing his business, and I ask my standard question, "Why don't you try and poop, Rhett?" and I glance over at his little Elmo potty thinking about how I'm going to make him sit on it for awhile tonight...When "thooump" - I felt something hit my leg right below my knee.. I look down...
yep, for once in my life Rhett had decided to instantaneously obey me and interestingly enough had shot it out and hit my leg before it plopped to the floor. I just sat there and stared at the poop sitting on the rug right in front of my leg with my mouth wide open.
Rhett just stared into the toilet like nothing had happened.
I guess I asked for that one.

My omelet? Burned...


Sallyseashell said...

You have such a humble approach to telling the worst stories about your kids ever! I think any one of us would hide those ones under the rug but you just come right out and say it like it is! Thanks for keeping us honest! LOL!
I hope the poop all gets to go in it's proper places....someday. I'm sure all your kids will remember is a VERY patient mommy.
Oh yah-thanks for your comments on my blog. I'm so glad you are enjoying your little Bree time. I love it, too.
Your awesome,


Liz said...

Haha!!! That is so hilarious! I am laughing out loud right now! Oh, and sorry about your omelet. That sounded like it was going to be delicious.

Trish&Heath said...

I don't know about humble, I just want to get this recorded so that I have it in case someday I need to blackmail Rhett.
No really - there is something about writing it down and putting it out there that makes it just seem like a funny story and not as frustrating as it is in real life.

Jenna & Chase said...

haha! The funniest part I think is that he didn't even notice! He just acts like nothing happened! Oh gaul, why are you scarring me for parenthood?? jk I got such a cute voicemail today from Rhett & Bree, I loved it. Cute background by the way.